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The Price is Right

USGA members gathered at the Provo City Library on Thursday to play a game inspired by The Price is Right. The activity was organized by Maeve Boyack, chair of USGA’s History Committee, and was as educational as it was fun.

Attendees were split into four teams that competed over the course of three rounds (plus a final bonus round worth extra points). As the game progressed, new rules were added with each round. Round two awarded bonus points for speedy answers and round three required each team member to write a portion of the answer on the team’s answer card. For each question, points were given to the team who came closest to the correct answer.

Team Four began with an early lead and stayed ahead, winning points for questions such as “What year did the Stonewall Riots occur?” (Answer: 1969) and “What decade is considered ‘the height’ of the AIDS epidemic?” (Answer: 1990s). The bonus round threatened to topple their lead when Team One put five events important to LGBTQIA2S+ history in the correct order, but ultimately Team Four prevailed. 

One of the members of Team Four, Eve, said of the activity, “It was so fun because we were winning!” Toni, Communications Lead at USGA, said they’d learned a lot. “Something really interesting I learned was that about 1.4% of people in the US are transgender. That’s about 4.6 million people, which is pretty insane to me!”

Our queer community has experienced (and still experiences) many dark and difficult times. But there is also lots to be celebrated, especially in the progress that we continue to make. As we reflect on our history, we at USGA are determined to shed light on queer struggles while also celebrating light and joy wherever it can be found!



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