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Every Monday we invite our members to low-key activities such as going to a movie or having a Mario Kart tournament at someone's apartment. 

Every Thursday, we invite everyone to join us at our main events in the Provo City Library. During these events, one of our committees spearheads an activity aimed at bettering our community. These range from educational meetings, social events, service projects, faith promoting activities and more. Everyone is welcome to come to these: invite your friends, family, and loved ones! 

What happens?

Activities may include engaging in small group discussion, listening to fascinating experiences from panelists, or participating in presentations on relevant topics such as suicide prevention, intersectionality, and LGBT history.


The goal of our activities is to build a safe and supportive community for all queer young adults at BYU as well as increase understanding of LGBT issues in the community.

More specific details about activities can be found on our Facebook page.


Who can come?
All are welcome! Gay, straight, old, young, BYU student or not. If you would like to be a part of our community, there are many ways to go about it: subscribe to our site and stay updated on our latest news; follow us on social media; or contact us about joining one of our Facebook groups. 


I don't know anything about gay people, and I am a little nervous about attending a meeting.

You are not alone! Many of us felt nervous when we first considered attending a meeting. Remember, our goal is to create understanding, you don't have to know anything about gay people.


There is no pressure to participate. You are welcome to simply come, sit, and listen.


This is a safe place. Nobody will ask about your sexual orientation or gender identity. We strive to keep all forms of communication respectful.


What is your agenda?

For more information about what our goals as an organization and about what we stand for, see our mission statement.

See our FAQ page for more.

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