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USGA Presidency is tasked with overseeing USGA as an organization, running things behind the scenes, and handling logistics. Presidency plans opening socials at the beginning of each semester, closing socials at the end of each semester, and assists the USGA committees with other meetings as needed. As a team, the presidency runs the Facebook page and groups, holds weekly leadership meetings, and leads the Thursday activities. The USGA Advisory Board (see About Us for more information) selects the presidency, and then the presidency organizes the general leadership team.

Evelyn Telford, Mica Deustua, Teo Dodge
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Communications Committee

The Communications committee is unique in that they do not plan traditional meetings/activities for the USGA community. Rather, they are in charge of producing multimedia projects that highlight USGA’s message, purpose, and community. Video projects, Faces of USGA, and the USGA blog are excellent examples of things the Communications committee can seek to expand and improve.

Toni (They/Them)

Community Committee

The Community Chair works on the USGA Committees Team and their task is to help create and promote a welcoming, friendly, and inclusive atmosphere for attendees. 


USGA exists to provide community and friendship for the LGBTQ+ students of BYU as well as their allies. With this in mind, meetings lead by the Community Chair should allow participants the opportunity to find friends and get to know their peers better, as well as have fun and feel included by others.

Atlas Goodrich (He/Him)
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Intersectionality Committee

The Intersectionality Chair works on the USGA Committees Team and is tasked with planning meetings that educate attendees and start conversations on the interconnected nature of social categorizations. Race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and many other categorizations have overlapping systems of discrimination and disadvantage, and each of these groups need allies within the LGBTQ+ community. 

Thea Manning-Neal (She/Her)

History Committee

The History committee is tasked with educating attendees on the history of the LGBTQ/SSA community. Whether that be concerning the community on a global/national scale or simply the people that have attended BYU in the past, there is a rich history of activism and symbols to be explored. The committee may also provide opportunities for participants to navigate and share their own personal histories with one another.

Maeve Boyack (She/It)
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Spirituality and Wellness

The Spirituality & Wellness Chair works on the USGA Committees Team and they focus on activities centered around spirituality, in addition to contributing to the wellness of individual members and the larger community. Meetings led by the Spirituality & Wellness Chair may provide opportunities for attendees to participate in spiritual practice exploration, and meaningful service for themselves as well as those within and outside of the LGBTQ+ community.


Like it says in USGA’s mission statement, “we ask our members… to be respectful of… the beliefs and experiences of others.” The Faith & Service committee has the unique task of balancing activities that build spirituality, while recognizing the varying beliefs and values that exist among the participants of USGA. Wherever a USGA attendee finds themselves on the spectrum of spirituality, they should feel comfortable and welcome at USGA and Spirituality & Wellness activities.

Remi Manning-Neal (He/Him)

Friends & Allies Committee

The Friends & Allies committee has the goal of helping all USGA participants to become better allies with members of BYU’s LGBTQ/SSA community. While a big portion of this focus is dedicated to helping cisgender and straight attendees learn more about their role as allies, it is also important that members of the community are allies with one another. Learning more about the various identities that exist within the community and how we can support and befriend those different from ourselves should be the driving force behind the activities of this committee.

Xochi (He/Him)
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Student Outreach Committee

The Student Outreach Chair works on the USGA Committees Team to reach, connect with, and invite queer and ally BYU students to participate in USGA activities and cultivate interest in USGA as an organization and meeting space. They are a collaborative committee that works hand-in-hand with the Communications committee and under the direction of the USGA Presidency to facilitate campaigns such as social media takeovers, student highlights, and the USGA Queer Mentor Program. 


The Student Outreach Chair should also be a leader in engaging with new students at weekly USGA activities, and encouraging other USGA Leadership members to do the same. 

Andy Amo (He/They)
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