Tasked with overseeing USGA as an organization, running things behind the scenes, and handling logistics. Plans opening socials at the beginning of each semester, testimony meetings at the end of each semester, and assists the USGA committees with other meetings as needed. As a team, the presidency runs the Facebook page and groups, holds weekly leadership meetings, and leads the Thursday activities. The USGA Advisory Board (see About Us for more information) selects the presidency, and then the presidency organizes the general leadership team.

2019-2020 Presidency
Nick Franks (President) Jonathan Muirhead & Carolyn Gassert (Vice Presidents)

Communications Committee

Runs and produces the various social media and traditional media projects that communicates USGA’s message to the world.  This includes YouTube/Facebook videos, Faces of USGA project, the USGA blog, podcast, website, and our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr accounts.  Communications also assists in the behind-the-scenes work that makes these efforts possible: doing market research, writing scripts, advertising plans, and marketing strategies, etc.  This committee is the largest way that USGA communicates with cisgender and straight BYU students and their work is integral to USGA’s overall mission.

Martha Harris (Committee Chair) Luigi & Ben (Committee Members)

Community Committee

Helps create an inclusive, welcoming, friendly experience for LGBTQ & SSA students at BYU. They typically plan two Thursday meetings each semester, and other activities like Saturday socials. The Community committee greets people at the door, and tracks attendance at the meetings. As with all committees, the Community committee’s duty is broader than their activities and encompasses building community amongst the LGBTQ & SSA students at BYU.

Jasid Del Val (Committee Chair) Christina & Elle Ibrahim (Committee Members)

Faith & Service Committee

Provides opportunities for LGBTQ/SSA students to explore, develop, and interact with their faith at BYU. They typically plan two Thursday meetings each semester, and plan other activities like General Conference watch parties. Wherever a USGA attendee finds themselves in regards to their faith, be they 100% committed member of the LDS Church, or exploring other options, they should feel comfortable at USGA and at Faith & Service activities. Following the example of Christ by providing meaningful opportunities to serve in the community is an integral part of this committee and USGA’s overall mission.

Tyler Parra (Committee Chair) Jesse Nebeker & Dalton Bradford (Committee Members)

Friends & Allies Committee

Helps all BYU students, of any sexual orientations or gender identities, become better allies to all members of the LGBTQ community.  They typically plan two Thursday meetings each semester. This can be a place for cisgender and straight students to help out with USGA, but it should be seen as a place for all of us of any sexual orientation or gender identity, to both learn and teach how all of us can become better allies.  Friends & Allies can and should explore more ways this committee can be effective in accomplishing their mission outside of traditional Thursday activities.

Emma Trent (Committee Chair) Kendall Armstrong (Committee Member)

History Committee

Researches, archives, writes, and publishes the history of LGBTQ/SSA people and issues of USGA, at BYU, and in the Church. They typically plan one-two Thursday meeting each semester.  There is a lot of history to uncover and show to the world – this committee provides an invaluable resource both to current USGA attendees and to future generations of LGBTQ students at BYU.

Sarah Williams (Committee Chair) Job Rice (Committee Member)

Intersectionality Committee

Provides opportunities for LGBTQ/SSA students to educate themselves on topics of relevance to the queer community at BYU. They typically plan two Thursday meetings each semester, and help develop and post resources for community members. Topics of relevance can include things such as: sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, trans issues, general health, race, intersectionality, queer theory, feminism, Utah and national LGBTQ legal issues, BYU policies and procedures, mental health conditions and resources, coming out, how to be an ally, ideas for parents, etc. Intersectionality committee should also assist in developing pamphlets and resources internally for USGA attendees and BYU students.

Arianna Davidson (Committee Chair) Jonlee Alvaro (Committee Member)

Outreach Committee

Tasked with connecting USGA to external organizations and providing opportunities for LGBTQ/SSA BYU students to get involved.  They are largely responsible for setting up classroom panels for BYU classes. Outreach also plans activities where USGA attendees can volunteer with other organizations, such as Provo Pride, the Affirmation Conference, the North Star Conference and more.

Gabriel Smith (Committee Chair)


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