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Queer Poetry and the Importance of Safe Spaces

This last Wednesday night (yes, not Thursday) USGA hosted a queer poetry night in collaboration with USGA. Packed in every chair available in the small cafe, we all gathered around as young queer individuals shared poetry by their favorite poets--there were even some who shared their own original work. The activity fostered a connection, and showcased a popular safe space in the community: our local coffee shop, Java Junkie. The environment at Java Junkie never feels judgemental; it’s so important in this town to find places that make you feel safe. There are several places that I go to feel that energy, and Java Junkie is #1 on my list, but anywhere that makes you feel relaxed and free to express yourself can be a safe space. My personal advice when it comes to navigating being queer in Provo and wanting to feel safe? Keep a list of these spaces on your phone, or even just in your head. Having a list will help when you feel unsafe or attacked, so that you’ll always have a place to go. This can be a local coffee shop, under a cute little tree, tucked into your bed, or even a quiet study room on campus. It could be a person to contact if you need to vent, or a book to turn to and write out your feelings. Hopefully USGA can become that safe space for some, even if we only meet once a week.



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