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by Anonymous

[] Male

[] Female

[] Prefer not to say

Those are my choices today.

A survey meant to take a minute or two

causes me to freeze and makes me uneasy.

Most people know what to do,

They check the box and move on through.

But not me, I freeze. I squeeze my eyes shut.

I can’t let myself cry at the desk here.

Students could walk by or try to get help.

I hide my feelings out of fear.

I mask my identity from my peers.

Teachers get fired for trying to be real.


Be stronger, assertive and dominant.

Don’t feel, care, or wear your emotions.

In all your actions be confident.

In all ways, to female, be opposite.

Do I dare tear away my empathy?


Be meek, weak and quiet, not witty.

Be tied at the side of a man as his bride.

I was taught this definition of femininity

But upon reflection, what’s in it for me

If I step aside and hide my ambitions?

Prefer not to say.

A way to avoid the issue and escape.

A plea to be left alone and unseen.

A refusal to let the world see your shape.

A life lived behind endless caution tape.

A cop out from ever being he or she.

But what if I do prefer to say?

To show there’s hope for others like me?

To refuse the game they make me play

If they choose to make the rules this way?

I know I could break the status quo.

How dare they try to put me there?

In a box so small it doesn’t fit me at all?

What’s wrong with being both or neither?

I’m no longer a social binary believer.

I want to stand tall in no box at all.

I prefer to say, but they won’t let me.

They try to silence with trans-violence.

But everyday I’m closer to the she/they/he

And showing the person that’s really me

Through defiance and the queer alliance.

They claim they know, but what is gender?

Norms and expected conformities.

Socialized characteristics for him and her.

“Men are decisive. Women are tender.”

Something we were foresworn to perform.

Well I’m done performing.

I refuse the implied societal structure.

Social constructs change with time and activists simply reject the current ones.

I choose authenticity and self-actualization.

People are people, even if they don’t fit in your boxes.

You can call me what you want, but

there’s one pronoun you can’t take away.




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