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Understanding Sexuality, Gender, and Allyship

Understanding Same-Gender Attraction (USGA) was formed in 2010 by a group of Brigham Young University students who wanted a formal setting to discuss LGBTQ/SSA topics. Because of the tension surrounding the queer experience within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the students chose the name Understanding Same-Gender Attraction to match the language used by the LDS church hoping the name would give them more legitimacy in the eyes of university administration.

The name Understanding Same-Gender Attraction has served us well, but for some time it has been unrepresentative of our members and of our mission. We are not simply a group that seeks to understand “same-gender attraction,” rather, we examine all aspects of the LGBTQ/SSA community. It is with pleasure that we announce our new name, Understanding Sexuality, Gender, and Allyship. With this name we hope to convey a more inclusive message to all. We welcome those who wish to gain further understanding in any of these areas.

USGA is a safe place for all sexual minorities. We recognize the diversity of the community and we appreciate your presence in our meetings and activities. Sexuality can be complicated, fluid, and a source of frustration as well as a beautiful expression of our deepest feelings for others no matter what form it takes. As part of our meetings we hope to continue our considerate conversation on the topic of sexuality.

USGA is a safe place for all gender minorities. We welcome attendees of all parts of the transgender experience and we greatly appreciate your contribution to our discussion and to our community. As part of our meetings, we hope to continue our respectful and enlightening conversation on what gender means to each of us.

USGA is also a place for allies. No matter our identity, we can all be allies to those who have experiences that are different than our own. The gay man can be an ally to the bisexual woman, the cisgender woman to the nonbinary person, and the lesbian to the asexual person. We also greatly appreciate the attendance of those who do not identify as part of the LGBTQ/SSA community. As part of our meetings, we hope to continue learning what it means to be a good ally no matter who you are.

USGA Leadership Team

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