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Vogue Dance Night

USGA’s activity last week was both educational and energizing: a night dedicated to voguing, a type of dance based in queer history and culture. Gathering together at the Provo Library, participants danced the night away, hitting their fiercest poses and dropping it low.

The activity, run by the Friends and Allies leadership committee, began with a brief explanation of the history of voguing as a dance form and specifically its influence in queer and drag cultures. As part of their instruction, participants were encouraged to let loose and be okay with looking a little silly–feeling free to be yourself, no matter what, is a huge part of voguing.

After the presentation and some practice, time was opened up for dancing, with leadership and participants alike strutting their stuff. Brock Johnson, of USGA leadership, said before the activity that “even the thought of it makes me blush.” After the activity, though, he said, “I felt glad that I decided to get out of my shell and try something new.”

Participants also enjoyed the historical element of the activity, with one individual saying that they “enjoyed learning about the history and current community of voguing.” There was something for everyone!

USGA continues to provide opportunities for participants to let their hair down and leave their anxieties at the door. If you get the chance, come and join the dance!



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