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USGA Trivia Night

The student outreach committee put together a fun and chaotic round of trivia for USGA’s most recent Thursday activity! Mica, a member of the leadership, opened the night by explaining that the trivia had been lovingly put together by her students. She teaches English to Japanese students, and her students were honored to help put this together!

Each round was full of interesting and tricky trivia. Everything from the amount of colors on the original pride flag (eight!) or common misconceptions about history (surprise: Napoleon Bonaparte was average height!) were fair game. The winners got to take a few prizes home, but every team had a ton of fun.

Individuals from the losing teams only felt more excited about how the night went, with one participant, Hailey, saying she was going home to “learn what all the flags mean” and investigate other trivia. Another participant of one of the losing teams, Julia, said the night was “so cute and fun” and was excited to return.

USGA celebrates another successful activity, and encourages you to join us for the next one!



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