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Make Your Own Zine

USGA’s latest was an innovative, creative activity all about learning how to create zines for yourself. The activity, run by the history committee, was intended to teach participants a new avenue for their own creativity, whether by showing them how to independently publish their work or how to journal their experiences in a unique form.

The activity began with an introduction to what a zine is. Zines, taken from the word magazine, are individually published pamphlets containing various texts and images. They are often printed on copy paper and are relatively inexpensive to make.

Due to the financial accessibility of zines, they’ve often been used in LGBTQ+ history to dispense information. Maeve Boyack did a spectacular job informing the participants about what zines are, the benefits of the form, and how to go about creating them.

The activity ended with individuals making their own zines. Leadership member Brock Johnson discussed his experience with zines by emphasizing that “Zines give their creators the ability to express and communicate ideas outside the censorship and suppression of traditional media.” To make a zine is to even the playing field and get your individual voice out there without being constrained by systemic expectations and biases.

USGA’s zine-making activity encouraged creative freedom and radical expression. Your voice is important; you deserve to be heard!



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