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Fly Your Flag!

In an activity brimming with self-love, USGA hosted the Fly Your Flag! Activity on October 5th. The intersectionality

committee hosted this celebration of identities with the goal of helping people appreciate all the unique facets of themselves by creating their own pride flags. Participants gathered to build community through creativity and appreciating what makes people different.

Annika with her deconstructed aroace flag.

The activity started off with a presentation by Thea Manning-Neal on the symbolism of different colors in pride flags and the purpose of pride flags. She even presented some of the flags that USGA leadership members fly! These flags ranged from transgender to polyamorous, from anxiety to OCD, emphasizing how even in a small group like USGA leadership, people have a variety of identities and experiences.

Time was then turned over to the participants, who got to make their own pride flags. Using craft supplies, individuals combined colors, glitter, drawings, and other elements to show pride for their individual personality traits, sexuality, gender, and more. Brooke, the USGA Community Chair, said, “I love this activity. I did it last semester, and it’s cool to see how my identity has changed.” Another participant, Atlas, was ecstatic about their flag, explaining that community flags “change over time, so you can make one for yourself that represents you as a whole.” USGA reminds everyone to wave their pride flags high!

Thea's demisexual, bisexual, and Blackfoot Indigenous pride flag!

Andy's queer depiction of "the lovers."

Preston's Gay man flag



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