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A Guided Meditation Night To Heal the Soul

Last week’s activity put us all to sleep—in the best way possible. Our Spirituality and Wellness chair, Teo, led the group through a guided meditation. Most of the crowd was relatively inexperienced with meditation, but Teo is seasoned; They do a meditation routine every night, so they were able to walk the group through different grounding techniques and breathing exercises in a simple, easy-to-follow manner. There was a warm energy felt in the room as we lay on the ground, listening to Teo talk to us about breathing, accepting our bodies, and feeling the ground beneath us. All forms of religious practice and spirituality (or abstinence from them) are welcomed at USGA—Teo’s activity was a great demonstration of diversity in spirituality that isn’t often seen in the Provo area. As Teo explained,

“I felt a lot of disconnect from all forms of religion and spirituality, so I turned to meditation as a practice to help me feel connected with myself and feel that spirituality again.”

Many people who attended reported that they were able to reconnect with themselves during the mediation as well. When asked about the inspiration behind the meditation, and the process they went through to write their own meditation for the activity, Teo said, “I wrote my own [guided meditation] and added a few things from other people to hopefully open this [the activity] up to all levels of spirituality or, if there is no spirituality, then to just help feel connected to yourself and your emotions and these sensations in your body.” This Spirituality and Wellness activity is just another example of what USGA is trying to build: a safe space for the community to have new experiences and educate themselves. We were so pleased to see some new (and returning) faces at this activity, and we hope to see everyone back again!



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